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RBQ : 5662-1998-01

"Together we can achieve goals" - Commitment to exceptional service is the motto of Constructions BCM

Soil Decontamination Solutions

Operating out of Mirabel, Constructions BCM specializes in soil decontamination services.

We have a track record of delivering innovative solutions and great results to clients located within a 65 km radius of our office, including St-Jérôme and the environs.

We help you address your soil challenges

If your soil is contaminated with unwanted materials such as oil, heavy metals and chlorinated compounds, contact us for reliable decontamination services.

We provide innovative solutions to decontaminate land where toxic waste and hazardous materials such as vermiculite, asbestos and moulds are present, all of which can compromise the safety of a construction project. We treat contaminated soil permanently to make it usable again.

We provide innovative solutions for effective soil decontamination.

Soil Decontamination Mirabel
Soil Decontamination St-Jerome

Wealth of human and technical resources

Soil contamination can compromise the foundation of any construction project. Contact us to reduce the risks associated with soil contamination. We have all the technical and human resources we need to clean up and decontaminate sites of all sizes.

In particular, we provide the speediest and most ecological reinstatement solutions. As a member of APCHQ, you can rest assured that we comply to the highest industry standards. You can also count on us for the construction of gabion retaining walls.

We provide ecological services.

Our strengths:

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Member of APCHQ
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Competent team

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